Our Track Record

  • Since 1988, Frozen Ropes has assisted over 2,300 families with the college selection process.
  • We have helped athletes receive over 3 million in academic and athletic scholarships.

Colleges that have hired us to improve their player development.

  • Map out a plan of attack ASAP (Freshman Year in HS)
  • Work hard to get the best grades possible
  • Take classes that match your school’s list of approved core courses or the highest level classes that you can do well in
  • Register with the Eligibility Center
  • Enroll in SAT/ACT Prep courses and take tests
  • Work with your guidance counselor
  • Assume you will be “discovered”
  • If they want me they will contact me
  • Overestimate your ability
  • Start the process late
  • Think athletics first
  • Rely on HS performance
  • Too scholarship minded
  • Poor academic record
  • Receive a form letter and assume you are being recruited
  • Ignore interest from smaller programs
  • Programs needs
  • Hitting skills
  • Arm strength
  • Overall athleticism
  • Projectability
  • Athleticism
  • Grades
  • Clinics or camps
  • Showcases
  • Tournaments
  • Other college coaches
  • Scouts
  • Video
  • Reference from credible sources
  • You find them!!

Be proactive

  • Visit a campus and watch a college game or practice
  • Speak with current or former players from program
  • Make and unofficial or official visit to school (when appropriate)
  • Study the schools online
  • Enroll as a prospective student athlete (PSA)

Mark your calendar with the following dates

  • Application deadlines
  • Financial aid deadlines
  • Admission deadlines
  • Determine your talent level
  • Determine your academic level
  • Determine what you want out of your college experience
  • Support your child’s athletic and academic development
  • Do not push them, but help guide them (Listen)
  • Study habits and grade patterns
  • Review of core courses
  • Keep it real

NCAA – National Collegiate Athletic Association

  • Division I – Scholarships, eligibility standards – 331 members
  • Division II – Fewer scholarships, eligibility standards – 291 members
  • Division III – No athletic aid, institutional eligibility – 429 members

NAIA – National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics

  • Scholarships, less rules of recruiting and eligibility – 235 schools

NJCAA – National Junior College Athletic Association

  • Scholarships, minimal requirements compared to NCAA – 395 schools
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • E-mail and text messages
  • Early commits
  • Phone calls
  • Quiet and dead periods
  • Rifle:Target 7-9 schools that fit your academic and athletic level and get introduced to them by credible sources.
  • Shotgun: Wander around the tournament circuit hoping to be discovered.